Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Richard B. Review

Another Happy Tourist.

8 Days Syria/Lebanon (world record on steps)

Richard and Nick were so unique. Together we visited Baalbeck, Beirut, Jeita Grotto, Cable Car, Byblos, hiked in Qadisha Valley, Cedar Forest, Damascus, Palmyra, Homs, Krak des Chevalier, Saladin Castle, Slonfa, Aleppo, St. Simeon, Dead Cities, Hama and Mar Mousa Monastery.

I never climbed this number of steps up or down in my life in this short period of time. Richard is fund of climbing up (clambering as they say it in English), while Nick enjoys watching him doing so. In our way back to Damascus, we chose to take the highest mountain in Lebanon 2700 Meter Above Sea Level from Bcherri to Baalbeck.  The weather was wonderful up there, look at me in short sleeve inside the car!!!

Martin N. Review

A Unique Tourist, Psychologist, Photographer and human being. Visit his website

Back Road Syria Trip

This trip was one of the best trips I ever took. A happy American Psychologyst who visited Syria with his French girlfriend and two other French friends. The group was fantastic as good luck or maybe good magic was hunting us from day one until the goodbye tears.
We all sang for the sun to shine and the sun never failed us upon arriving to the sites. One day, the happy American screamed to the god of Serjilla ( One of the Dead Cities): please stop the Rain. It was 40 minutes before sunset with thick dark clouds in sky. Four of us stayed in the car because it was raining and the happy American went by himself to take pictures of the site. When the other three got bored in the car, a miracle took place that made four of us jump out of the car and me was asking surprisingly: "What did you do Martin?" Yes, the sun casted its beams for minutes on the ruins and nothing but the ruins (Check the pictures of Serjilla, I took). When we finished a rainbow and then a double rainbow appeared to us.
Everywhere we visited starting from Palmyra, Krak des Chevalier, Marmarita, Safita, Hosn Sulieman, Misyaf castle, Arwad Island, Mirqab castle, Saladin castle, Jericho, Aleppo, St. Simeon, Dead Cities, Mar Mousa, Maaloula and ending in Damascus we were received by a miraculous event.