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Today is Jan 5, 2013

Guess what...I'm in Sao Paulo Brazil. I left the country because of the war. My car is in Beirut. Life is so hard in Syria and Civilians are suffering from the sectarian war. I receive every now and then requests from people who are interested in an adventure to Syria (they look like war tourists). I recommended to many not to go, as me myself don't feel safe to go there.
Anyway, if you are interested in going to Lebanon and Jordan, please drop me a line.
Happy New Year

Today is Jan 30, 2012
Tourism is not doing well in Syria but still taking tours in Jordan and Lebanon. 
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Today is Oct 24, 2011
Last three months I was in India taking a break. I got my TTC in Yoga Teaching and some different massages courses. I got some booking for Lebanon and Jordan trips for Nov and Dec. I'm ready for you.

Today is May 30, 2011.
I dropped Rosemary and Peter in Amman 5 days ago. I started with Sandra and her husband from Argentina on May 26 from Damascus to Palmyra to Beirut where I left them yesterday. Time to relax. Cheers.

Today is May 16, 2011.
I'm in Aleppo with Rosemary and Peter from Australia. We have one week Syria and Lebanon through Krak des Chevalier.

Today is April 21, 2011.
I'm with a Norwegian Group in Beirut. Tomorrow we are heading to Krak des Chevalier in Syria. 
Angela wrote about her recent trip with me in this link

Today is April 11, 2011.
I'm with a US solo traveler in Petra. Tomorrow, we will be in the Desert of Wadi Rum. On Wed, we are heading to Damascus.

Today is April 4, 2011.
I'm with a Dutch Group in Aleppo.
Tomorrow we are heading to Apamea.

20 years of education, business and some other varied interests were so productive, but yet not to the extent that created a real joy for me. Time had come for a real change and I had to have my one year sabbatical to decide which job would make me enjoy the best. Back from the US in 2008, I experienced a real cultural shock in my own birth country, Syria. Although my qualifications, experience and degrees attracted many employers to hire me in high paid jobs, I was reluctant to accept any of them due to many unpublished reasons. The sabbatical came into an unexpected delighting decision, let me Enjoy Drive Tourists Happy in my own country. So far I'm so happy I took this decision. Why? I will tell you when you are in my car.

Specials: June/July 2011

June 15 to July 30

A one day free for every 10 days trip.


If you are interested, please write to me at the following email

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Driving tourists to historical monuments of Syria, Jordan and Lebanon
Hotel Booking (prior to arriving or walking in)
Translation and Interpretation
Students Rooms and Apartments

My Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.
Safe driving, extra sites, efficient planning, family atmosphere, big savings, and getting the most out of your trip are my guarantee.


I do remember John of ShipRite in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY. He has a sign saying “Customers’ Attitudes decide the Charge”  Yes, if you are not happy at the end of the tour, I simply say “Money back Guaranteed”

Usually, Sedan Cars with an average English speaking driver (Hello, Good Morning, and Good Bye) would cost you $140/ a day. The day starts from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm with 350 KM Max. Companies add 20% or more for Luxury Cars and for a good English speaking driver.

My 4WD car is only $ 160 each day including everything. If your trip has borders crossing to Lebanon and/or Jordan you pay one time $ 100  which is (Car Exit Tax and Miscellaneous Fees).

Excursions' Prices from Damascus can be found in  Recommended Tours scroll down to Recommended Excursions.

Recommended Tours

Recommended Tours

This is a list of recommended tours that can fit each traveler to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. It was made while you in mind taking into consideration that your port of arrival and departure is Damascus International Airport, Syria. If you arrive in a different airport such as Beirut or Amman the recommended tour can be adjusted according to your itinerary. If you have an itinerary of more than 7 days, please contact me so I give you my suggestions. No commitments. 


My first trip with an amazing group, it was to Krak des Chevalier. Louis, Ali, Me, Julia, Rebecca,
Richard and Rebecca Mom.

The two Gentlemen Richard and Nick. They spent 8 nights in Lebanon and Syria. Together, we visited Baalbeck, Beirut, Jeita Grotto, Cable car, Byblos, Qadish Valley for hiking, Cedar Forest, Palmyra, Krak, Tartus, Saladin, Slonfa, Dead Cities, Aleppo, St Simeon, Hama, Mar Mousa and Damascus.


If you took a trip with me, please write a review about the trip. I appreciate your reviews and comments.
Meanwhile, if you want to read more reviews about my past services please click on Handwritten Reviews , reviews, or reviews.

Handwritten Reviews reviews

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