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Today is Jan 5, 2013

Guess what...I'm in Sao Paulo Brazil. I left the country because of the war. My car is in Beirut. Life is so hard in Syria and Civilians are suffering from the sectarian war. I receive every now and then requests from people who are interested in an adventure to Syria (they look like war tourists). I recommended to many not to go, as me myself don't feel safe to go there.
Anyway, if you are interested in going to Lebanon and Jordan, please drop me a line.
Happy New Year

Today is Jan 30, 2012
Tourism is not doing well in Syria but still taking tours in Jordan and Lebanon. 
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Today is Oct 24, 2011
Last three months I was in India taking a break. I got my TTC in Yoga Teaching and some different massages courses. I got some booking for Lebanon and Jordan trips for Nov and Dec. I'm ready for you.

Today is May 30, 2011.
I dropped Rosemary and Peter in Amman 5 days ago. I started with Sandra and her husband from Argentina on May 26 from Damascus to Palmyra to Beirut where I left them yesterday. Time to relax. Cheers.

Today is May 16, 2011.
I'm in Aleppo with Rosemary and Peter from Australia. We have one week Syria and Lebanon through Krak des Chevalier.

Today is April 21, 2011.
I'm with a Norwegian Group in Beirut. Tomorrow we are heading to Krak des Chevalier in Syria. 
Angela wrote about her recent trip with me in this link

Today is April 11, 2011.
I'm with a US solo traveler in Petra. Tomorrow, we will be in the Desert of Wadi Rum. On Wed, we are heading to Damascus.

Today is April 4, 2011.
I'm with a Dutch Group in Aleppo.
Tomorrow we are heading to Apamea.

20 years of education, business and some other varied interests were so productive, but yet not to the extent that created a real joy for me. Time had come for a real change and I had to have my one year sabbatical to decide which job would make me enjoy the best. Back from the US in 2008, I experienced a real cultural shock in my own birth country, Syria. Although my qualifications, experience and degrees attracted many employers to hire me in high paid jobs, I was reluctant to accept any of them due to many unpublished reasons. The sabbatical came into an unexpected delighting decision, let me Enjoy Drive Tourists Happy in my own country. So far I'm so happy I took this decision. Why? I will tell you when you are in my car.

If you are interested to know more about me, please read my resume below. Otherwise skip to the 
next page.

• Fluent in English and Arabic
• Strong communications skills as author, lecturer, debater, and negotiator dealing with individuals and groups in the discipline of administration.
• 15 years experience working with International companies.
• Powerful crisis management with unique Critical Analysis.
• Creativity in Dealing with Children and young people.
• Great supporter of Civilizations understanding and ranking
humanitarian issues as priorities over religions and races.
• Interpersonal skills with the ability to work in a multi-
cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

Professional Experience:

Executive /Entrepreneurial Skills

1992 – 2008
• Founder and President of Inter-Tra-Ma Corp. which is an Educational and Distribution company. Inter-Tra-Ma started with one office in 1992 and expanded its operations to have 4 offices in Syria, Egypt and the USA with a network of over 200 dealers.

• Developed and conducted corporate planning strategy meetings. In addition to having overall responsibility for operations, also responsible for financial management P&L for the company.

• Ensured superior levels of customer satisfaction with product support by hiring and retaining talented staff and providing technical and service skills training along with measurable standards of service performance.

• Authored “Arabic Advantage: Learn to Communicate in Arabic” a successful language program designed to enable students to acquire a 2nd language with ease.
Publishing# ISBN 0-9772864-0-1.

• Expertise in mass media communications, special events organization, budget planning, and multi-office coordination for national and international development programs.

2001 – 2007 (Independent Consulting Position)
Editor in Chief - “Al-Huda” monthly magazine published by the Al-Khoei Benevolent Foundation of New York serving the needs of the Arabic community with readership throughout North America.
In addition, coordinated all fund-raising, public relations, and publications for this Foundation. Helped the private Al-Iman School, affiliated with the Foundation, to develop Trustee, Alumni and Parents Association Boards. In 2007 I was nominated as a private evaluator for Al-Iman School Performance.

1990 – 1992 English Teacher - Al-Khosrawyya , an exclusive Private High School, Aleppo, Syria – produced many famous writers, speakers and historians.
Taught English conversation and grammar to high school students, from teenage years to adults, in classroom as well as private tutoring groups.

Computer Skills: Computer oriented with good knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Quickbooks and Microsoft Outlook.

Professional Affiliations: Co-Founder of Fusselat Publishing House, Aleppo
Edited 2 scientific books for Arabic translation by Sayed Waqar A, Hussaini, entitled “Astronomical Science in the Holy Koran” and “Water Sources in the Holy Koran”.

Writer: Wrote the Introduction of “Sawalef Baghdadyya” which discusses a general overview of Mid-twentieth century Baghdad.

Journalist: many of my articles have been published by Al-Quds Newspaper and Annor Magazine London, and Arab Voice, Paterson, New Jersey

Interviewed for my commentaries on Live Air by Al-Jazeera Satellite Television post Sept 11, 2001 incident.

Qualified as candidate for Translation Project of Arabic-English translation’s instant voice recognition system with I.B.M.

Founder of Skooli Day Care Center in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY 2007. This Center was to serve the needs of Arab and Muslim community in the USA. Skooli offered services to over 100 families in Bay Ridge Area.

Founder of Matrix Internet Café in NY, USA. Matrix Internet Café has over 20 stations to serve Internet and PC users In New York.

Participated in drafting the final resolution of The Standing Conference of American Middle-Eastern Christian and Muslim Religious Leaders over the Lebanese Humanitarian Crisis June 2006.

Participated in Many Interfaith Meetings held in Jamaica Muslim Centers Queens, New York.

Present Occupation Conducting a private research to establish Syrian Public Library. The
SPL is a national project with over 400 community branches, its main objective is to encourage kids to read and get familiar with all means of education.

Negotiating with Itqan Holding Company to establish a 5 stars Sport Entertainment Complex in Aleppo, Syria.

Education: Glendale University, USA
Honorary Phd in International Business Dec 2007..

Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria
B.A. Degree in English Literature and Human Arts. 1992

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